The Gems Empowerment Project

The Gems Empowerment Project was originally launched in Swindon. It has now been adapted for the use of all people and will be available shortly to run as 6 modules lasting one day a week. 

They intend to offer the updated programme GEMS EMPOWERMENT PROJECT LTD to Colleges, Schools, Apprenticeship Organisations, Treatment and Rehab Centres and Probation Services as well as any organisation who seeks to empower their clients in this way.

Signs of dispirited young people are all too familiar, such as anti-social behaviour, poor school attendance, bullying, uncontrollable anger, fear of failure and depression. So they are looking for three main things that will indicate whether their programmes are having a beneficial effect in developing a healthy human spirit young people. These are:

·         An increase in sense of self worth

·         Improvements in behaviour

·         Increased motivation to learn and become involved in service to others

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